Best Headphones under £30 - groov-e Ultra GV-BT700

Published on 19-03-2019

Expert Reviews feature the Groov-e GV-BT700 Ultra Wireless Headphone in the Best Cheap Headphones of 2019

Groov-e Ultra: The best under £30

Price when reviewed: £29 - Buy now from Amazon

For under £50, you'd not expect a pair of Bluetooth headphones to make the list, but Groov-e has other ideas with its 'Ultra' headphones that cruise in at around £29. These over-the-ear headphones connect to your smartphone through Bluetooth and even feature media controls.

For the price, these are incredibly well built and have a beautiful design. As for the sound quality, they're quite impressive: they have a punchy mid-bass slam, a nice high-end extension, and an expansive soundstage,

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