Groov-e Kidz headphones have been included in a feature on ‘the best kids’ headphones from babies to teens’ on the Sun website

Published on 24-06-2020

“Groov-e’s latest Bluetooth headphones for kids have proved invaluable during lockdown”

LISTENING to music, gaming and streaming television programmes and films all require a great pair of headphones. They're also essential for any home learning kids are doing, and chatting with relatives and friends in other cities and countries.

For parents, the biggest concern when it comes to kids’ headphones is that they're reasonably priced and won’t damage their children’s hearing.

 These kids' headphones are essential for

These kids' headphones are essential for

We’ve rounded up the best kids’ headphones to suit kids across all ages and for every budget.

While parents may initially be reluctant to put headphones on their little ones, if you bring baby to a festival or wedding with lots of noise, a cool-looking pair of ear defenders is crucial.

Toddlers typically use headphones when on airplanes, so they can watch their favourite films or listen to an audiobook undisturbed (without forcing the rest of the passengers on the flight to endure Peppa Pig on repeat).

From the ages of 8-12, media starts to play an increasingly important role in a kid’s life, with research finding that teens can spend up to nine hours a day consuming media, which includes listening to music or watching TV.

Headphones for kids often have volume-limiting capabilities to help protect young ears, and in-ear headphones aren’t recommended for younger children because they put the sound closer to the eardrums, increasing the risk of potential damage. For children, especially younger kids, choose a pair of headphones with a sound limit of 85dB, which is considered the maximum safe decibel level for kids.

Even if you’re using top-quality, volume-restrictive and ultra-comfy headphones, ideally, you'll ensure your little one isn't wearing them for over an hour a day, according to advice from the WHO (they give the same guidelines for adults, too). Happy listening.

1. We tested - Groov-e Bluetooth DJ Style Wireless On-Ear Headphones for Kids

These well-priced headphones are brilliant for kids doing schoolwork at home

  • Groov-e Bluetooth DJ Style Wireless On-Ear Headphones for Kids, £15 at Tesco - buy here

Groov-e’s latest Bluetooth headphones for kids have proved invaluable during lockdown.

They’ve been widely used in our household by the kids for homeschool sessions, Zoom socialisation, watching videos and films and listening to music.

Our kid testers kept commenting on how comfortable they were and found them remarkably easy to use, either plugged into the laptop or wirelessly (just connect via Bluetooth).

The hands-free mic allows older kids to accept incoming calls easily while the sharing port means two siblings can listen to the same track at the same time – budding DJs will also like that they feature 7.5 hours of wireless playback.

Other reviewers have commented on how impressed they are with the sound quality for the price.

They’re available in blue or pink.

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