Auto Express Wireless Car Mount Review

Published on 22-05-2020

Auto Express have included the Groov-e Wireless Car Mount in a round-up of wireless fast charge phone holders. They’ve awarded it 4/5 stars.


Groov-e Wireless Car Mount 

It's Groov-e by name and groovy by nature here, with its infrared auto opening arms, which opened magically as the phone approached and retracted once it was in place. It handles phones form 60-90mm wide, making it suitable fort most on the market. Unlike the Best Wireless, we had to press (rather than just touch) a button to release the arms, which was no problem, although we had to be ready to grab the phone, beacuse there was no supporting foot. When charging at 9-10V, its no-load test was excellent, matching the mighty iOttie at 20 percent, and it saw a very good 16 percent in the sat-nav app test. But we thought it's lead was a bit mean, at 98cm. With two mounting options, the price was keen and it was the cheapest auto-opener we've tried, but it didn't include a suitable fast-charge adapter, which needs to be factored in. 


"it's no load test was excellent when charging, and it was very good in the sat-nav app test"

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