Best kids headphones 2019

Published on 02-01-2019

Tech Advisor's Simon Jary reviews the Best Kids Headphones of 2019 including the Groov-e Kidz and Kids Wireless Headphones

Groov-e Kidz

  • RRP: £12.99
  • Buy from Amazon for £8.81

The Groov-e Kidz DJ Style Headphones look good, feel robust, come in a variety of colours and are some of the cheapest on test in this round up. They are smaller than adult headphones so fit a child’s head better, but they do expand for larger skulls.

Groov-e Kids Wireless Headphones

  • RRP: £29.99
  • Buy from Groov-e

Groov-e also has some wireless headphones for kids that use Bluetooth to do away with the cord, which also removes the strangulation risk.

As with other Groov-e kids headphones they are comfortable and the audio quality is fine. They fit a child's head well, and there are + and - volume buttons on the left earpiece for ease of use.

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