Best Wireless Earphones - groov-e Action GV-BT800

Published on 13-08-2018

askmen+ Featured the Groov-e GV-BT800 Action Sports Headphones in their list of Best Wireless Earphones

askmen+ Featured the Groov-e Action in their list of Best Wireless Earphones

Why We Love Them: 

The LED neckband makes these perfect for pre-dawn runs in winter
Key Features: 8-hour battery, and a multi-setting LED neckband
A novel effort from this British manufacturer and retailer, that provides a functional solution to the scourge of low-visibility during winter training. What’s more, the LED neckband can flash slow or fast, glow solid, and be switched off once the sun comes up. A fantastic budget option, with battery life that is quite spectacular.

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