Tech Buzz Ireland reviews the Groov-e Kids Wireless Headphones

Published on 27-09-2018

Tech Buzz Ireland's Jim O Brien reviews the Groov-e Kids Wireless Headphones

Build quality is robust and as I mentioned earlier its all kept simple with not having more expensive mechanisms in place here for movement on the cups and slider arrangement.  These are durable and also easy to maintain and a quick  wipe of a damp cloth will wipe away any marks they might pick up.



Sound is not bad considered their target and price-point. Given these are targeted at kids I did expect poor sound but was pleased to say it’s not bad at all and my child who is almost 10 reports the same and loves to wear these. From my own initial listening my ears are more trained to pick up the usual genres lows.mids and highs and they are OK but for kids they would not see a difference here although my daughter has a habit and privilege of trying out all my headphones she thinks they sound great and gives me the thumbs she knows the difference between woeful and good but looking at a bigger picture would all kids like them??

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