whatsthebest.co.uk Review: Groov-e Sportsbuds true-wireless earphones

Published on 09-10-2020

We tested these inexpensive earbuds while training for Couch to 5k - read on to find out how we got on.

The Review:

Setting up the Sportsbuds for the first time was easy, thanks to straightforward instructions. Pairing the earbuds together is simple – remove them from the charging case at the same time, and they will pair automatically after three seconds; then switch on Bluetooth on your phone, search and find the earbuds, and connect.

The charging case also performs as a power bank that you can use to charge up other mobile devices – super hand if you’re on the go and find your phone battery dangerously low with nowhere to plug in.

Wearing the earbuds was comfortable; they have smooth and soft ear hooks, which personally I prefer to in-ear buds when running and working out.

I used these while training with the Couch to 5k app, and happily found them to stay safely in my ears throughout my runs. The sound was crisp and clear, not cutting out once.

The buds feature a Main Function Button (MFB) on each, which is used for all controls; power on/off, reject call, play/pause/answer/hang up, voice control, next track, and increase/decrease volume. Each command needs a different touch, from 1.5 seconds to triple press – easy to get the hang of after a short while.

Using earbuds while running makes life so much easier – no wires to get tangled with, or to accidentally pull out your earphones; plus being able to change tracks by tapping the buds is so much easier than faffing with your phone in the middle of a run.

I’d recommend these earbuds to anyone who wants an inexpensive option for working out and running; they’re easy to use and set-up, and offer a reliable quality of sound to keep you motivated as you run.

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